Lily Dahab

Tango and folklore, fine songwriter poetry and gripping Argentinian rock - the musical poles separating Argentinian sounds are immensely far apart. All these sounds have carved their traces into the moving vita of Lily Dahab. On her new album Huellas, the vocal nomad and Berliner of choice finds her way back to her homeland in the circle of her intimate quartet, telling her very personal, touching music history of Argentina - and this with an exceptional voice that the Badische Zeitung praised as "shining honey". Her cosmopolitan life path would provide material for a moving travel novel: grown up in Buenos Aires, she studies music there, records a bolero album and at the same time begins a musical career. After a leading role in "Cats", her reputation reaches the director Alan Parker, who assigns her a role in his "Evita" movie. Lily then moves to Spain for nine years and many other leading roles, where she will appear in Barcelona as the gypsy Esmeralda in the contemporary musical version of Victor Hugo's ́s "Glöckner von Notre Dame" - the same role that the Israeli singer Noa took on in Paris.

But the woman with the enchanting voice and the beautiful naturalness is once again embarking on a paradigm shift. Love and not least the vibrant creative scene let her move to Berlin. There she finds a musical partner and arranger in the form of pianist Bene Aperdannier (Michael Schiefel, Jocelyn B.Smith, Jessica Gall), who sets her voice in a sensitive, delicate and detailed environment. With him and his quartet, the debut album nómade will be released in 2010, which will be nominated for the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik". From her rich treasure of boleros and tangos, from Spanish songwriting and Brazilian bossa nova, Dahab combines a repertoire that carries individual traits, jazzy freshness with dreamy melancholy, fiery drama with exuberant heart and soul. "Charisma in warmest colours" (Hessische Allgemeine), "she can kiss with her voice!" (Badische Neueste Nachrichten), "clever, melodious and resting in oneself" (Jazzthing), "Furios! (Rhein-Lahn-Zeitung) - just some of the hymns of praise for the album and the numerous accompanying concerts that have already taken them to the first major European jazz festivals.

Indeed, Lily Dahab succeeds with an unparalleled vocal artistry: Effortless intonation security paired with crystal-clear, transparent expression, from tender melancholy to beguiling fire, from arabesque tailing to delicate intimacy, she sometimes changes within a few bars. With her dream team, Lily Dahab now presents the second sounding chapter from her new home in Berlin.