The OhOhOhs

The OhOhOhs characterized by pumping beats and synthesizer patterns, unites with The Oh!chestra.
Concert club music by two Frankfurt musicians: Florian Wäldele (piano/synth) and Florian Dreßler (percussion/drums) - lyrical piano, pumping rhythm. The concert oscillates between pieces composed in a classical manner and driving pieces for the club: concert grand piano meets synthesizer, conga meets e-drums, intimate lyricism meets dance texture.  

A wild premier theater party kicked it all off. Using an old organ sitting at front of the theater and drums left over from a play, Flo and Flo became The OhOhOhs and asked themselves the crucial question, „What do we actually want to play?“  After all, one Flo was a classic pianist addicted to repetition and playful melodies and the other Flo was a percussionist steeped in Afro-Cuban polyrhythm with a fondness for funk. An old Yamaha synthesizer provided the answer… „Techno!“

We decided to play everything live, tapping the shamanistic magic of electronic club music to drive a two-man band.

Live sets are built upon layered patterns that are either backed up or broken by melodies, some stemming from classical music. The audience and the energy dictate the nature of each performance. The lengths of the tracks, breaks or bridges are not fixed.

The quest for music means pursuing the happiness that repays the sweat and trouble of rehearsal; it means hunting that beautiful sequence that produces an enlightened moment; it means building up a boundless progression, and then smashing it with a harsh break.

With The OhOhOhs, you can expect a wild rocking live performance, an act to make you go stark raving mad. Even techno skeptics will lose their minds.

In the studio, The OhOhOhs explore opportunities that combine acoustic instruments with synths, digital sounds and voice.

The basic idea is to find spaces in the different approaches of electronic and acoustic music to flip perspectives. It can be beautiful and exhilarating playing a Bach Fugue cut into loops and combine it with a polyrhythmical conga-pattern trying to add an acoustically played delay effect while the feet begin to tap a 4/4 techno-beat… The OhOhOrchestra will come alive!