Benny Greb at VC Jams!

6. September 2018 - 11:22 -- Rüdiger Herzog
Cover Grebfruit 2

Wonderful! Just two days ago Benny Greb and I had a rather pleasant barbecue session and over the food we got to talking about drums. Basically I wanted to find out more about how drummers think their music. It was the beginning of an intense and, particularly on my part, insightful discussion. Benny simply is great at explaining: a bit like the kind of teacher one always wanted to have, captivating and inspiring, with a roguish smile sparkling over the edges of his glasses. The discussion was meandering around thinking in basslines and highly instructive workshops with great drummers of different generations. Then, just two days later and seemingly out of nowhere, a link appears to a Vic Firth Jam video. And here you may hear some more about what you would like to understand. It is a complex and fascinating world of accents, beats and rhythms. Awe sets in – perhaps one of the essentials of really listening to music.