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- Leaf

The Hamburg girl has been playing together with her band for a good four years now. Meanwhile, the nucleus of bass (Daniel Otte) and drums (Nando Schäfer), guitar (Arne Vogeler) and keyboards (Joscha Farries) are often joined by other musicians, as long as the size of the concert allows for this, which is increasingly the case. During the recordings for the new album "Leaf" sometimes twelve people are busy with one song, but not always. "The drafts for the songs often come from me or from Arne", her guitarist, Miu explains the working method of her band, "we designed and arranged one song completely in the rehearsal room as a team. What works in the quintet, that is with bass, drums, guitar, keyboards and me, is thought over, we ask ourselves the question, if anything is added. It must make sense, it's never about the largest possible line-up.

With 'Perfect Time To Go' we thought the song was so dainty, the keys and a few strings are enough besides the voice to give him a 'Moon River' feeling, which suits him." As producer of "Leaf", Gregor Hennig was no stranger to Studio Nord Bremen; he has already produced Rhonda, Me and my Drummer, Niels Frevert, Vierkanttretlager, Bernd Begemann and Die Sterne. It is also thanks to him that "Leaf" now actually sounds as organic as Miu describes its creation. In addition, the album is as wonderfully varied as the band's performances, unlike the triangle of soul, pop and jazz, where every song is different from the others, not every song wears the same sound, but the red thread always remains the singer's voice.


Video: Miu - Ohana