Little Big Soul


Little Big Soul

Herzog Records
901017 HER

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- Little Big Soul

While her debut album mainly featured cover songs, she has taken a new direction with Little Big Soul, creating an innovative soundscape together with producer Robert Matt and her pianist Bene Aperdannier. “I love the space on the album. Pedal steel guitar and dobro have brought a warm Southern States vibe to the Spree!”

Jessica Gall is also more upfront, with enough space for her deep warm timbre to really shine through. She flirts with pop, takes in a bit of country air and dips into the nightclub scene, a musical course that only someone who has spent a lot of time interpreting songs and lyrics could take. And one can really hear that! Her music has become more defined, it has both lighter and deeper moments and overall exudes an amazing peacefulness. 

Thanks to her dazzling and elegant stage presence, the singer manages to bring this same peacefulness to her performances. She says confidently: “I am the emotional centre of the band. My musicians virtually carry me through the songs. Having played so many concerts together, they can now intuitively follow my moods.”