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- Selection

Since they were founded in 1998, the Nighthawks have become a constant of Electro and Lounge Jazz. On their four albums ‐ Citizen Wayne (1998), Metro Bar (2001), As the sun sets (2004) und _4 (2007) – Reiner Winterschladen (tp) and Dal Martino (b) have created classics of their genre. Always close, but always slightly above the zeitgeist, all of their albums have played a role in German Jazz charts. Metro Bar was even given the German Jazz Award. The Nighthawks have destilled the essence of many musical styles: Jazz, TripHop, Lounge, Chill and Electro. 

Now Rüdiger Herzog, the owner of Herzog Records, has cherry-picked a compilation he simply calls 'Selection'.

The album opens with the light, bouncy theme song Nightflight, then celebrates some catchy tunes with the voice of Pat Appleton on Descend, Define the Day, and Receptions in Brazil. Managing the Beatles and Bar Next to the Roxy are cool classics, interrupted by harder grooving tracks like Casino and Hard Night's Day. In between, there is the hot tempered piece Manana, featuring Reiner Winterschladen playing his trumpet brilliantly – the instrument that has become the band's signature. 

'Nighthawks – Selection' offers 64 minutes of entertainment in style for revelers – not only those out in the bars, also those who like to have a good time in the comfort of their homes.