A Women Thing


A Women Thing

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- A Women Thing
"A Women Thing". In fact, this title is aptly chosen for the second album of the a cappella quartet Les Brünettes. "A Women Thing" is a tribute to strong, creative and sensual women. The result is a fascinating double portrait that sketches both Les Brünettes and those who inspire her in her work. Musicians who have given whole generations a face with their songs, outstanding singers, but also women whose life stories are unique and who have paved the way for subsequent artists. Joni Mitchell, who began her career as an unknown singer-songwriter in New York and in her four decades of career has also brought together the world's best jazz musicians in her bands. Nina Simone, who became one of the leading musical figures in the fight against racism in the USA. Nena, a NDW world star, mother of four and still one of the most popular German singers. Edith Piaf, who made the French chanson world famous as a poor street singer and whose music still influences the chanson today. Mercedes Sosa, whose songs became hymns of the Argentine labour movement. Cassandra Wilson, who combined modern arrangements with the blues of the Mississippi Delta and is one of the best known contemporary jazz singers. Aretha Franklin, the First Lady of Soul and finally Lizz Wright, who draws the bow into the present with her gospel-soaked Southern feeling. While singing, the four singers fully exploit their vocal potential: They soul, scatten and conjure. They let their voices sound like a string quartet or rattle like an old engine. They scream, seduce, argue, breathe, cheer and laugh. The use of vocal possibilities nevertheless remains natural and in the service of the song. Since their debut in 2012, Les Brünettes have worked out a more mature sound concept, which brings the vocal interplay even more colourful and fast together. It's time to prick up your ears again. Curtain up...

Here you can see the video of the Edith Piaf - classic "L'Homme à la Moto":